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 This Blog is specifically for those who play in role playing games run by myself.  It is designed as an easy access point to collect game summaries and background details for the players, I may also include notes for games I am involved in as a player but that's for later.  At the opening of the blog I have just run the first part of a Laundry game and will concentrate on this and any future games, however I may if I come across older games with sufficient details still available I may include them as a historic record.

I will as scenarios close include the scenario notes so that anyone else liking what they have read can run the game themselves and the players if they have a need can go back and see what is actually happening but that is with the proviso that they only read what I give them direct access too after all I may run sequels.

I am trusting my players to only read what is pertinent to their character during each game.  As such each player will receive their own page and within it I will list all the games they are or have been involved in followed by links to their summaries (as they split up or follow their own agendas players will receive their own edited version of the GM summary which will be unique to them) and any information they have access to.  If you the player, wish to print any of these specific posts you are welcome.  While playing the game please do not access anything from the "Stop GM and Non-players only" page or anything under another player page even if it looks the same as your own. If I have separated summaries it is because they have details only that player should have and of course the GM material will include my personal notes and game background and at some point the complete scenario.  However anyone not involved in the game may prefer to follow the GM summaries as they will include all the notes for each session including the actions of all the players and any NPC's.

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