Thursday, 25 July 2013

Laundry - GM: Sunday 18th August

Evening - Hawking

Scott and Packard do some metal detecting at The Clefts with detector equipment borrowed from Deep Space Geographic.  They find and strange oddly uncomforting object that they cannot identify and decide to hand it in at the local archaeology centre.

Monday 19th August

Afternoon - Handover

Packard hands in the strange object at Between Nations. It is handed to Kupka Shahn who recognising its importance places it in the Special Safe upstairs.  Stephanie Tyres and Jacob Tavish witness the handover. Shahn asks Cornelius Bridges for access to the other Safe and they place the object within.

Afternoon - Safety Inc visit Scott

Scott narrowly misses the Safety Inc ransacking his home and goes back to his girlfriends where he has been staying recently.  He borrows some money and goes into hiding arranging to meet her again on the 22nd.
Afternoon - Tyres at work
Tyres is a Hades Root 9 agent and has recognised the object as a Permian Green artefact and contacts Hades Root 9 base.  She later leaves the office for a smoke break and picks up a small plastic bag left under her car.  She removes a package which she leaves on her desk.  She then removes the unused security headset from its charger and replaces it with another taken from the bag.  She stuffs the bag in her pocket and after a moment's hesitation dumps the good headset in a nearby waste paper basket and returns to work.

Night - Robbery

Fooler taking the only charged headset has taken the one placed by Tyres.  At just after midnight he receives a call from Tyres that triggers the grid inside the casing of the replaced headset.  He takes the package from her desk, unwraps it on the stairs discarding the paper and proceeds to the safe where he uses the content of a jar taken from the package to dissolve the safe and remove the object.  He then leaves catching the last number 47 bus using a day bus pass bought that afternoon..  He leaves 

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