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Red Cows under a Red Moon

A collection of Notes for the Red Cow games using Runequest 2. Please note that these notes form remembered knowledge. Do not show them in this form with any of the other players. If you wish to compare notes do so from Memory. The same goes for maps or diagrams. This is because I have written them from your perspective and they will differ in some ways from someone else's. Also the teller may have elaborated or plain made up some of the details just like in real life so hearing it from different sources than other players will give you a different perspective on events.
I am trusting you to not look at each others or my notes only those linked from this page.

Early Notes will detail more common knowledge which will get more specific as you get a hold on the character and feed back ideas so that I can fit them into the tribe. Later you will get 'Down The Local' bullitins. Again these are personal to you and recant tales and nwes as you hear it from contacts, friends and family while at home.

Red Cow Introduction

Capitol Laundry Services

The Laundry books and RPG are based around Charles Stross' modern take on the world of Lovecraft.  It uses a version of the BRG rules by Chaosium based firmly on the Call of Cthulhu variant. The only real difference being in the way magic is handled.  Where spells are generally held in laptops and mobile phones there accessibility to the lay user makes for a much different conception of sorcery.  

The first game run is under the Title:

Resurrection Devolution

This is the first part of a hopefully ongoing campaign set against the same background as the books by Charles Stross and the Cubicle 7 rules. The rules used are mainly as per the Cubicle 7 core set with the edition of Stamina rules (if they work).


Session 1

Tuesday 20th August-R
Google search on the Ravisham ex-Manor house identified as The House of Re-embodied Enlightenment
All players have been given access to the codeword: BLUE ROOT 9
All players have been given access to the codeword: BLUE HADES
Blue Hades
Blue Root 9

Session 2

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