Saturday, 5 August 2017

Basic Intro

It is ST1618. You are of the Red Cow clan (by birth or allegiance), a member of the Cinsina Tribe in the Jonstown Confederation, a city of the Kingdom of Sartar in the Region of The Dragons Pass. Sartar is a subject nation, on the far edge of the Civilised Emipre of the Red Moon Goddess. She sits in the sky day and night Red has she faces and black as she looks into other realms.  Before her on the skyline the great Phallus of the sky god thrusts deep into the Earth Goddess body. Kerofin is a great mountain that appears through the sky from the Sky Realm, it is confirmation of the great sky god Orlanths might and his consort Ernalda's earthly realm and can be seen from anywhere in these lands (cloud permiting). It seems strange then the Lunar Empire has made his worship outlaw.

The Lunar's first invaded in 1602, 16 years ago so only the older generation remembers a time without them but many have been effected by that event. Some such as the puppet King Tamerlain see the worth of Lunar occupancy.   Others do not. The Red Cow however are but a tribe trying to survive and The Hero Wars has begun. How will you protect and even encourage to thrive, your clan, your people?

Things to concider in chacter creation:
  • What is yout role in the tribe/clan?
  • How experienced are you outside of the clan?
  • Are you a blood memeber or has your situation made you alligent to the clan and why?
  • Yes, alright and what mount did you want, but more importantly are you of that tribe or did you get it some other way (i.e. raiding or a gift)?

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