Thursday, 31 October 2013

You MUST have the Codeword authorisation 'Blue ROOT 9' to read this document. IF you do not and you believe that you have received this document in error or have found said document you must report it to Security NOW.

Knowledge Management

In Action

The House of Re-embodied Enlightenment (Blue Root 9), also previously known as The Seventh Temple.


A lost Blue Hades cult (see password material: Blue Hades).  One of many who's links to the deep were severed by the Benthic Treaty.  There are a number of known cults that have developed from the breakaway of Blue Hades from its traditional activities. To current knowledge on Blue Hades part the severance has been complete although there has been a possible occurrence unauthorized connection in the Abingdon Rig Affair (See password material: Abingdon Rig). 

Some break away cults Root 3 for instance are known to have dissolved and are no longer current as its brethren became embittered with the betrayal of their 'gods'.  Others of which Root 9 seems to be one have forsaken Blue Hades as false prophets and developed their own off shoot religious activities from them.  So far this particular off shoot has remained benign in nature and no further action has been seen necessary to take against them, however ever mindful of their origin a check should be maintained that they remain so.


They look and dress a little like blue and olive coloured Harry Krishna's.  Although they leave their buildings in normal arraignment and most seem to have normal respectable jobs they are often seen walking and chanting a low hissy hymn within the quite large area of the Ravisham Manor and reported swiming naked in the small lake on the grounds.

Belief Structure

Their belief is in many ways Buddhist like in that they believe in a series of rebirths (although generally through their offspring rather than a random resurrection) the major difference being that their concept of Buddha is more aquatic and has a tentacled of face. The achievement of this seems to be through chanting and becoming more aquatic divesting themselves of their land skins (clothes) and taking long swims into the deep ocean.  They often support this activity with charitable events. More than 5 are known to have made sponsored swims across the channel and many more across the Irish Sea. Although carefully monitored no attempt to reconnect with Blue Hades known to live near Hang-Man's Isle off the northwest coast have been made.

Public Face

They are fronted by the Shayling Nun (she has no known name only a title).  This weird presumably woman may in fact be a type 2 Blue Hades but this has never been proven and if she is, she has never returned to her home, indeed to known knowledge she never leaves the Estate except by helicopter for the purpose of fronting the Cult.

Threat Level

Believed low, though continuous checks need to be maintained.

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